What should be think before purchasing Domain and Hosting?

Website is developed in terms of personal, business or organization perspective. Domain and hosting must have for launching your website. Domain name is unique worldwide. There are many domains hosting provider in internationally and in our country. They provide service monthly/yearly basis. All providers are not capable for providing good support service & quality hosting. Some company provide good support service but hosting quality bad on the other hand some provider provide quality hosting but support service bad. So that no one should not purchase domain & hosting before taking proper information about service provider. Everybody should consider some criteria before taking domain hosting

What should consider before purchasing domain…

  1. Try to keep small domain name because small name is memorable very easily
  2. You have to select your domain according to your business type.
  3. Domain name should be unique not be cross match with different well established company name.

You can purchase domain from where…

  1. As a Bangladeshi you should purchase domain from Bangladeshi service provider. Now there are many companies who are providing good support service and quality web hosting. If you purchase domain or hosting from foreign company you have to pay by dollar on the other hand if you purchase from Bangladeshi company you can pay in your local currency (BDT).
  2. There is no difference between local company and foreign in terms of domain purchase because local and foreign company purchase domain for you from same organization (ICANN)
  3. If you take domain from Bangladeshi service provider, you have to ensure that if you want transfer your domain to different company. Are they providing authorization code?
  4. There are many domains hosting Provider Company in Bangladesh. Click Host BD ( is one of the best quality domain and hosting They are providing best support and service from last 2 years.
  5. Everybody should purchase domain and hosting from same company so that get a good chance for getting good support services.
  6. Generally domain price is 1000/–1250/-. It may vary company to company.
  7. If someone offers you cheap price domain then you must have to clear about their services and conditions.

What should consider before purchase hosting…

Domain almost same in every company. You have to take hosting space after purchasing domain. There are many types of hosting like Shared host, Cloud host, VPS host and dedicated host. You can take hosting space on demand your business and website types.

You may follow some consideration before taking hosting

  1. Support services: Most important think is support service 24/7 is available. You have to ensure 24/7/365.
  2. Featured: You have to know all the featured of service which you want take and support.
  3. Types of hosting: There is different type of hosting that’s why select you’re hosting on demand your business type.
  4. Company Status: you have to know about service provider company like Address, Review check on social media, Testimonials and should speak with customer care
  5. Uptime: Uptime is most important thing for hosting actually refers of hosting quality. If it is 99.9% so they are good hosting provider.
  6. Bandwidth: You have to ensure that what type bandwidth provide for hosting its limit or unlimited. Hosting bandwidth renew monthly automatically.
  7. Money back Guaranty: Some good service provider offer 30 days money back guaranty for their service. You should select this type of service and service provider for your sustainable business.
  8. Hosting space: You have to decide how much hosting space you need for launching your website and business.
  9. Price plan/Budget: First of all you have to create a budget for your business especially in IT section. Then expense according to your budget. Budget should be enough for taking good technology.

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